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Do you want a business website that will attract more customers?


The whole point of having a website is so that people can find you online and buy from you. Many small business owners only see their website as just something they need to have, like a phone number or a slogan. A website is more than just a commodity. Your website is the first impression people have of you online.


Your website should tell the story of your business and get people to want to do business with you. If your website is just an online version of an informational pamphlet or something, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with your potential customers.


A good website will have an objective, like encouraging people to visit your place of business, or gathering contact information so you can follow up with people who are interested in your business, or trying to sell products directly to your customers online. If you don't know what the objective of your website is, you're wasting opportunities to connect with your customers. Can you guess what the objective of this website is? We'll give you a hint:

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Is your business website mobile friendly?

50% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. If your website isn't mobile friendly it won't display correctly on these devices. Website that aren't mobile friendly will display with text that is too small to read on smart phones, links that are too small to click, and content that doesn't automatically re-size to fit the screen. If your website isn't mobile friendly, people will become frustrated and leave before they even get a chance to look through your website. You could be missing out on half of all your potential online traffic! All of the websites we design are mobile friendly by default. Let us help you update your website.

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Do you need to look professional and reputable online?

It doesn't matter if you're a Lawyer or a Lawn Care Specialist, you need to look good online. If people visit your website and it looks like you spent $5 and 5 min making it, nobody is going to be impressed. We'll work with you to create a professional website that reflects your style.

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